Online casinos with deposit bonuses

Because of the high competition, modern online casinos have to fight for each customer. That is why the administration of each online gaming resource develops its own bonus program, which should contribute as much as possible to attract new players. The most common ones are the so-called deposit bonuses, which are given to gamblers only after making a deposit to their game account.

What is a deposit bonus?

deposit-bonusEncouraging players with deposit bonuses is standard practice for all online casinos Canada operating online without exception. The main purpose of such bonuses is to attract deposits and allow gamblers to play for a while at the slot machines without spending their own money.
At the moment there are two types of deposit bonuses.

  1. Fixed. The size of the deposit bonus in this case is fixed and does not depend on the size of the deposit.
  2. Interest. The gambler gets a bonus of a certain percentage of the deposit amount. This type of bonus is the most popular among players for several reasons. First, the percentage bonus is usually quite large. Secondly, there can be several such deposit bonuses.

What are deposit bonuses at modern online casinos?

The purpose of any deposit bonus is to encourage customers to play at a given online gaming portal. In most cases, it is this argument that is decisive when choosing a casino.

First deposit bonus

Deposit-BonusSuch deposit bonuses are available in the welcome package most virtual gambling establishments. Its essence is that the administration of the Internet portal increases the amount of bankroll gambler making their first deposit of a fairly tangible amount. (Most often, the first deposit bonus is at least 100% of the deposit.) Less often, such a deposit bonus is given by freespins, which can be used on certain slot machines.

Bonuses on subsequent deposits

This type of bonus belongs to the welcome package. They all operate on the same principle: the gambler makes a necessary amount for a deposit and gets a pre-agreed bonus.

Deposit bonus for registration

In order for visitors to online casinos to become its customers, online resources offer special deposit bonuses for registration. The condition of this reward may be:

  • Creation of an account at a given online casino;
  • Confirmation of an email address or phone number;
  • verification of the account, etc.

Some portals include a deposit bonus for registration in the welcome package, others allow the gambler to choose their own reward, which he prefers.

Reload bonuses

Another popular variety of deposit bonuses. Unlike the first deposit bonus, which is given to newcomers, this type of bonus can count on anyone. The principle of the reload bonus is the same as that of other deposit bonuses.

VIP bonuses

WIP bonusActive clients of gambling portals have the right to count on unique bonuses that are not available to regular players. Their size depends on total amount of deposits made by a player within a certain period (usually a week or a month) and can be up to 200%.

What are the criteria used to select the sites for the ratings and the players themselves?

Gamblers, when choosing the right online casino, evaluate gambling establishments according to several criteria at once. By the way, most of them are also used to rank online gambling portals. And not always the attractiveness of the bonus program plays a dominant role. Although, of course, interesting bonus offers can significantly affect the choice of a casino.

An important factor in choosing a portal should be the reliability of the gambling establishment. Guarantee the reliability of any deposit bonus casino in the Canada or another European country is a gaming license.

Significant role is also played by the popularity of online casinos among gamblers. This is reliably reported by the players themselves and the judgment of professional experts.
In addition, the choice may be affected by:

  • availability of the most clear and simple interface;
  • the ability to download slot machines to your phone through a special mobile application;
  • a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Security and customer service on casino sites with deposit bonuses

Security and customer serviceOne of the most important preconditions for every customer’s trust in deposit bonuses Canada casino is to guarantee the security and anonymity of their personal details. Personal information of players, transactions made, personal ID, passport number – all these data should not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances and are used only for processing information on the gaming portal. To ensure confidentiality of players’ personal data, modern casinos use innovative data encryption methods and direct transmission to casino servers.

A very important feature of modern casinos is the player support service, which is available 24/7 in most cases. Each gambler has an opportunity to ask any question he is interested in by phone, online chat or by writing an email to deposit bonuses Canada casino.

How to make a deposit and get a casino bonus with a deposit bonus

Both new players and experienced gamblers receive deposit bonuses according to the same scheme. The player’s algorithm is incredibly simple.

  1. The gambler needs to fulfill all the necessary conditions: register on the website of the gaming portal, confirm the email address, etc.
  2. Make a deposit of not less than the established limit.
  3. The online casino credits the player with a bonus according to the amount of the deposit.

Advantages and disadvantages of deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses in virtual gambling establishments have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of deposit bonuses include the following:

  • increasing the time of the gameplay by increasing the size of the bankroll;
  • availability to all players without exception;
  • simple conditions for obtaining;
  • the ability to play online casinos without losing personal money.

If we talk about the disadvantages of deposit bonuses, then, first of all, it should be noted that they must be wagered.

Frequently asked questions

Gamblers constantly ask the same questions that have already made the administration of online casinos with deposit bonuses “sick and tired”.

What is a bookmaker's deposit bonus?
In essence, a bookmaker's deposit bonus is the same as a deposit bonus in an online casino.
What is a deposit bonus?
Deposit bonuses are used today by almost all online casinos. A player makes a certain deposit and receives a bonus of a certain amount.
Can I get a deposit bonus when making a deposit via mobile phone?
Yes, you can. If you have a mobile version of the casino, the process is not complicated.
Are deposit bonuses at modern online casinos reliable?
It all depends on how reliable and safe the casino is that the player chooses to play at.

Opinion of an expert

Play online gaming portals with deposit bonuses is definitely worth it, because these same bonuses incorporated the benefits of these gambling establishments. Playing on the resource with deposit bonuses can not only significantly increase the time of the gamble without spending your own money, but also to test any game from the library of casino funds gambling establishment. This gives each of the gamblers a priceless experience, which you cannot get in the demo mode under any circumstances.
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